Under New Management

We have just taken over this site, but have big plans. I know from my own experience that printing recipes from websites is not always successful, so we are going to put all our recipes into pdf files that you will be able to download and print.

If you find yourself using more than one or two recipes from the site, we will set up a pdf containing all the recipes. When we add new recipes we will add them to the print as well. If you do not mind receiving the occasional email update from the site (just register on this link) we will send you a private link for the full set of recipes, which you will be able to download and print off (in full or just parts) as often as you like. And the best thing is, they will be clear of adverts and will fit on a page.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the site, or problems with your bread making, please send us an email – it will be answered as soon as possible.