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Cheese and Herb Rolls for Pasta

Try these soft rolls with an onion and tomato sauce over pasta. The mix of brown and white flours may need a little more water than plain white flour requires, but if you aim for a soft textured dough you will not go far wrong. Again, if you try to make the rolls look attractive […]

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Rustic Cheese and Onion Loaf

This is probably the most popular loaf I make, at least with me. The onion releases moisture into the bread, so you can cook the loaf longer without it drying out. This results in a strong chewy crust, and the pieces of onion on the surface of the bread become very dark and crisp as […]

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Make Ciabatta

Similar to Focaccia, Ciabatta is a wet mix, but even more so. This leads to a very open texture, possibly more so than any other bread I have had the pleasure to mix. Ingredients 500 grams strong white flour 10 grams of salt dissolved in 400 millilitres of water 10 grams of yeast 30 grams […]

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Focaccia Recipe

Focaccia is made with a wet dough, and so is ideally suited to making with a food mixer or processor. I always find that working it by hand leaves your hands too messy to be comfortable. To the basic bread dough, you add extra water and olive oil. The bread is finished with a sprinkling […]

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