Sourdough in a Day – Further Revelations

Okay, I have always known that there is nothing new under the Sun, but I thought my previous experiment in speeding up the sourdough process might have been a little bit unusual, but whilst researching gluten on the net I found out about No-Knead Bread.

I will not try to pre-empt my experimental results by telling you what I have read, although the connection to the two main articles are above. I will be experimenting over the next couple of weeks. There are a couple of books associated with the process that I may be able to pick up at some time – if so I will review them here, but in the meantime they are available from Amazon.

Links for these no-knead processes, which seem to rely on sourdough type starters seeded with a tenth of the usual yeast, are in the adverts on this page. The first book, ‘My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method’ by Jim Lahey and Rick Flaste, covers a number of Italian bread based recipes adapted for the American market.

The second book, ‘No Need to Knead – Handmade Artisan Breads in 90 Minutes’ by Suzanne Dunaway is referenced as the first book to describe the process.

Inspired by the writing around these bread books, I am off to the kitchen (my mother in laws) despite the time of day (21:00) to start the first of my attempts – using a batter with a fraction of the yeast I would normally use, loads more water, and stirred not kneaded – then left for 15 hours…

Have a problem I do not have the camera with me, but I will describe the taste in an upcoming blog post.