Paul Hollywood’s Bread

Paul Hollywood is arguably Britain’s best known baker, appearing on the Great British Bake-Off as well as two other BBC cooking series – Bread and Pies and Puds. I also have a copy of his How to Bake, but I am not sure if that was associated with a series…

What I find really useful about this book is the fact that it has other recipes where bread becomes an ingredient in a meal or another recipe.

With my unused bread, I tend to make breadcrumbs for fresh stuffing (sage and onion added from the garden, fried briefly in butter and used to stuff Sunday dinner), or if I am particularly lucky, Terri will make me a bread pudding.

With this book, I can branch out, or use the loaves I make to beef up a meal. Highly recommended are the Grilled vegetable picnic loaf which takes a bloomer and turns it into a single sandwich;  and the Pork, chicken and pistachio pate that he uses to grace a rye and spelt loaf.

He also makes some quite delightful crumpets, which I have yet to try; and Baguettes, which he coats with flavoured butter and mozzarella – which is one of my favourite cheeses to make – more on that later.