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No Knead Bread – first attempt

I noticed some years ago that dough was easier to knead if you mixed it to a rough dough and then let it relax for ten minutes. Having just tried cooking a no knead batter (see my previous post) I think I can see the reason for this – the water allows the gluten to […]

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Sourdough in a Day – Further Revelations

Okay, I have always known that there is nothing new under the Sun, but I thought my previous experiment in speeding up the sourdough process might have been a little bit unusual, but whilst researching gluten on the net I found out about No-Knead Bread. I will not try to pre-empt my experimental results by telling you […]

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Focaccia Recipe

Focaccia is made with a wet dough, and so is ideally suited to making with a food mixer or processor. I always find that working it by hand leaves your hands too messy to be comfortable. To the basic bread dough, you add extra water and olive oil. The bread is finished with a sprinkling […]

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Sourdough in a Day – an Experiment in Bread Making Recipes

Is it possible to make a loaf with the taste, texture and complexity of sourdough bread without spending weeks or months developing a starter? Yes, if you can scrounge one, but I thought it would be fun to try to recreate one from scratch in a day. I started with the idea that sourdough is […]

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Pancake Receipe

Here is another receipe for pancake batter. Once you have made it, all you need do is melt a little butter in a frying pan and make sure it is hot, then add a couple of tablespoons of this mix, quickly add a few currants, turn the pancake over, and when both sides are set […]

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Cob (or Cobb) Loaf Recipe

A cob loaf is a quick and easy white loaf that is good to start your bread-making journey with. When I used to stay at my uncles’s smallholding in Llangain in Carmarthenshire we would take the bus or scrounge a lift into Carmarthen on market day and buy a cob loaf from one of the […]

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How to Make Pancakes

My Mum has always set the bar pretty high when it comes to home cooking. Her pancakes were no exception, and I remember taking it in turns with my Dad and younger brother for the next out of the pan. Thinking back now I can smell the batter cooking in lard, and remember the lemon juice being […]

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