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Best Bread Making Books

Books are an intensely personal thing, and are not something to be quickly selected. When I buy a bread making book, I am looking for a friend that I can turn to for inspiration, to help me with my problems and to learn from. This is a tall order for anyone, but here is a […]

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No Knead Bread – first attempt

I noticed some years ago that dough was easier to knead if you mixed it to a rough dough and then let it relax for ten minutes. Having just tried cooking a no knead batter (see my previous post) I think I can see the reason for this – the water allows the gluten to […]

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Sourdough in a Day – Further Revelations

Okay, I have always known that there is nothing new under the Sun, but I thought my previous experiment in speeding up the sourdough process might have been a little bit unusual, but whilst researching gluten on the net I found out about No-Knead Bread. I will not try to pre-empt my experimental results by telling you […]

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Paul Hollywood How To Bake

This book, like the others he has brought out, is clean and crisp. There are sufficient photos to keep your enthusiasm up, and they have been composed by a master of art – the pictures are an absolute delight. The recipes are mostly straightforward and enticing, but again and again I find myself studying the […]

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Paul Hollywood’s Bread

Paul Hollywood is arguably Britain’s best known baker, appearing on the Great British Bake-Off as well as two other BBC cooking series – Bread and Pies and Puds. I also have a copy of his How to Bake, but I am not sure if that was associated with a series… What I find really useful […]

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