Breakfast in a Flat Loaf

This is a recipe I made years ago, when I first tried making bread. For some reason it worked, but not nearly as well as it would if I made it now.

Make a basic dough – click here for details if you have not made it before.

After the first proving, split the dough into two. Flatten one ball into a large circle and arrange your favourite cooked breakfast items on this base. This can include, but is not limited to; slices of bacon (I like these arranged like the spokes of a wheel), black pudding, poached egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepper, salt, tomato sauce (or brown sauce).

Put the second flattened wheel over the base and ingredients. Sprinkle the top with a little more pepper. Seal the edges, and cook at 220 or so for 30 minutes. Let it cool – this is great if you are taking it for an early picnic. There are lochs near here where you can fish for free, but it is an hour or two’s walk. If you fancy an early start, this loaf can be shared amongst friends for breakfast, with a cup of outdoor brewed coffee, before the day’s fishing starts. Moments like these are what life should be about!